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Adieu Dirtyphonics


My dear friends, dear “DIRTYarmy”,

I have decided to leave Dirtyphonics to follow another of my passions. I wish a lot of success to Charly, Julien and Pitchin as they will keep working on this beautiful project. It was an awesome journey!

My love for art, and for painting in particular, has never ceased. I feel now like diving heart and soul into it, and with as much involvement as with Dirtyphonics. This is the next step for me, painter !

By making this choice, I am thinking of all of you that have fed me with your smiles, your motivation, your ideas, your warmth, your work, your humor, your trust. I will always remember the thousands of memories and faces, the endless crowds made up of unique individuals. My own trip down memory lane overflows with moments spent in the studio, on stage, on tour or backstage, that were brought together in all of the videos that you may have watched, but also with the more fragile and personal moments that I have experienced. Youthstar’s bravery, Nicolas Malinowsky’s singularity, the friendly tifs at Jungle Juice and Chwet, Benjamin, Christopher and others’ dedication, Clancy’s professionalism, Shimon’s confidence, Andy C’s motivation, Noisia’s integrity and the chess games with Thijs…

Of course, I cannot forget any of our agents, managers or the Dim Mak team, as well as the first to have believed in us and the French Scene of our beginnings. To each I could say a special word, but I will simply satisfy myself with a big shout out and thank you to you all!

Matheo de Bruvisso (who used to be known as Thomas Dirtyphonics)

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